Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 5 in Orlando, Disney MGM Studios Part 3

Our last adventure at MGM Studios was the Backlot Tour ride. It was a combination of walking through old sets, seeing old props, and then finally riding a tram through the larger area of sets and props. We were shown how certain sets are set up for explosions and catastrophes.

I like how the guy behind us is smiling for the picture too.

This Earful Tower. It used to be the park icon before the Sorcerer's Hat.

We stopped in front of an oil truck that was set to explode. They didn't tell us that it would cause a raging wall of water to come towards us! I guessed that there would be water.. my seat was wet when we climbed into the tram. I prepared to shield James, even if it was just a few sprinkles.

It seriously looked like it might wipe us out! Silly Disney people.

They explained how they set up scenes like this and how it can be reset within 3 minutes for the next tram.

After the ride you could walk through more movie props from various movies like Star Wars, the Pirates of the Carribean, and other Disney movies.

Here James explains which characters are which. He truly is our SW Expert!

And then we left! It was a long, fun day! James was wiped out and he had the luxury of being pushed around in a stroller! (It was a popular choice- I saw far older kids in the strollers. It was also a smart choice for the heat and size of the park.)

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