Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 4 in Orlando, A Day of Rest

We meant to avoid the crowds at the major parks but Jim also figured we'd need a rest after so much hustle and bustle. I was very glad for the idea by the time Sunday came around. We decided that we would make a day of hanging out at the hotel, namely the pools! James was all over swimming!

We went down to the pool after breakfast. I didn't take pictures because I didn't want the phone/camera to get wet. But it was fun! We explored three of the resort's FIVE pools. Our hotel pool ended up being our favorite. One pool was pirate ship themed and the other pool had a lazy river (with inner tubes).

James was very cute and reviewed all of his swimming skills with us in the pool. He practiced his back float, his "cannonball", and even tried jumping into the pool from a sitting position. He was getting mighty brave! He also gave Jim and myself some lessons! He pretended to be the swimming teacher and told us what to do. It was funny.

After lunch the boys went back to the pool. I sat it out. I took a few pictures from our hotel window.

Jim and James are in between the trees. Can you see them?

Zoomed in. James is doing his back float!

And finally, he is riding on his Dad's back.

And then they spotted me! Waving!

We thought James would be wiped out after all that exercise. Nope! He was ready to play and "stay up late like grownups". We ignored a lot of bedtimes during vacation. He stayed up pretty late, played Legos, and watched TV with us.

Here we are watching the Olympics and USA just won a gold medal!

James admiring himself in the mirror.

Another fun day!

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