Thursday, August 2, 2012

Orlando Day 2 at LegoLand, Part 1

We headed to James' idea of Heaven- LegoLand! It was an hour drive from our hotel but well worth it. We arrived at opening and beat cheeks to the Driving School.

On our way to our first destination within the park, we found this little guy.

James ended up rejecting the Driving School. Too bad. He had a lot of fun at the same ride last year. He was just too shy, wasn't feeling up to a solo ride, I guess.

We found the Skipper School, where James and his Dad were able to ride together on the boats. First, Dad thought it would be funny to pose for this picture.

While the boys waited in line, I waited by this WONDERFUL fan. It was so HOT! We were all dripping with sweat!

I'm all sweaty, but I was most worried about my hair! I put it up and it helped.

First ride! Just like last year :)

The park wasn't too busy at this time of day, so we had the entire firetruck station to ourselves! No one to race but we still hurried to put out the fire! James drove the truck while Jim and I pumped to get the vehicle moving.

Walking around we saw this Lego creation. James' mind was boggled! "These are all Legos! No way!"

James and Mom finally got on a ride together. Woohooo!

James loved the ride so much that he wanted Dad to take a turn.

Making a wish at the fountain. I wonder if he wished for more Legos?!

To be continued...

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