Monday, August 13, 2012

Kindergarten Preparation

We started to play "School" one morning and I had the brilliant idea of dedicating the whole day to kindergarten preparation. The one thing I forgot to do is take him to where I suspect the school bus will pick him up, but that will come later.

We began with his "lessons". He loves to call me "Teacher" and raise his hand for questions!

Lesson: Follow your teacher's directions, always.

We went on a Fieldtrip to our nearby park and brought a picnic.

Lesson: Eat what is in your lunchbox! Recycle what you can and learn what you can throw away and what you keep for Mom/Dad to wash out.

James learned to keep plastic utensils and reusable sandwich/snack packs.

Playing at the playground.

Lesson: You don't need to kill EVERY BUG you see!



Lesson: How to smile for pictures.


James rode his bike home.

Lesson: Look both ways before crossing a street!

And then I decided to take him to his REAL Kindergarten playground!

Lesson: School is not too far away. It will take Mom/Dad about 12 minutes to drive from school to home, or home to school.

The playground!

Another smiling lesson!


The playground is on the older side. You can see the paint chipping off and you just know those metal play structures are OLD. Newer structures are all plastic nowadays.

There are huge open spaces next to the playground, probably for kickball or other physical education activities.

Lesson: On a fieldtrip, stay close to your teacher.

Uh... that lesson obviously didn't stick!

Lesson for Mom: Kids don't notice the chipping paint, weeds, or aging equipment. James exclaimed, "COOL!" when he saw the basketball hoops and picnic benches.



James and Mom "driving" the old structure.




What a great day!


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