Thursday, August 2, 2012

Orlando Day 2 in LegoLand, Part 3

I spy Pirates ahead!

We found some relief in the shade to watch the spectacular Lego Pirates waterskiing show!

Some of the characters skied into the show!


Looking a little hot...

Cool flips!

Arrrrrgh! Brickbeard the Pirate!


We cooled off in an indoor sandwich shop. I loved the little details throughout the park like this sandwich mosaic and sculpture.


To cool off even more we headed to the Waterpark! This is a big deal. Jim and I aren't water fans, not really. James REALLY REALLY loves the water.

We aren't in any of the water pictures because I had to put my camera away with our clothing in a locker, but we did go on this lazy river! We found an inner tube with a bottom for James (so he didn't slip through the hole) and it took a lot of effort to contain him within the tube. He wanted to lean over, grab floating Legos, or just give his Mom and Dad a heart attack! There were underwater currents and it even kicked out my legs a few times, so I was worried about James falling in! But luckily he was safe and sound at the end!

This was the Duplos area, for little little kids. James had no interest!

I found the next two pictures online to show you the waterpark greatness! This first is the water playground. We were so pleasantly suprised that James was willing to go up the equipment. That huge bucket at the top filled up often and dumped the entire playground through funnels and tubes. It was VERY WET. James even braved some of the small water slides! I went down one with him, like a race, but I didn't enjoy it much. Ha! My eyes were killing me- I forgot about my contact lenses. Jim also had issues with the chlorine, but not James!

This next picture shows the general pool area. Another favorite! Every half an hour or so the WAVES would start up. We stayed in the 0-3 foot area but James would get braver and braver and try to venture further out. We did take advantage of the lifejackets available and it gave us some comfort. James showed us all of his swimming skills. We were in awe of how much he LOVES LOVES the water and how fearless he is!

After we dried off we explored the rest of the park. You can see that James has a box in his lap. Yup, he found a Lego set! Was there any doubt?!

But cool castle!

And we rode the Lego carousel. He loved his brown horse!

We spied this guy as we were leaving. James doesn't look too happy but he really was! He loved the park and had a ball!

We love LegoLand! We could definitely go back. There were many rides and shows that we didn't see- some of them for older kids and adults!


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