Friday, August 3, 2012

Uncle Rich

Uncle Rich saw this book and knew James had to have it. What a great surprise to come home and have a package waiting with "James Landon Tauer" on the mailing label! Little dude loves mail!

I love that the book is so creative and most of the inspirations will involve using regular Lego pieces. So many of the current sets have specialty pieces and it would be hard to recreate any of them with just regular pieces. (Duh. Gets you to buy the sets.)

I'm hoping James will build me the hot air balloon!

So Thank You Uncle Rich! You are so thoughtful! James is loving the book and we're putting it into our bedtime routine. He loves to read all sorts of books, not just stories. I'm hoping this weekend we'll have time to help James think through an inspired creation. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay for Legos! And BOOKS! The Koldens are now famous for the AWESOME books they gift us. Seriously!




I'll post pictures or a review of any set we create!


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