Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 3 in Orlando, Kennedy Space Center Part 1

Another hot one! We drove the hour or so to get to the Kennedy Space Center, arriving soon after its opening. I had no idea what to expect and I'm sure James didn't either. We figured we'd see some astronaut collections and maybe a rocket ship :)

One of the first things we did is see an IMAX movie called Hubble. It was fascinating! James wasn't as interested but he did watch most of it.

And then he decided for all of us that we should go on the tour bus. The pamphlet said it would take two hours, but we knew that involved two different stops and go-at-your-own-pace sightseeing, so we figured we'd see the other exhibits near the entrance soon after.

James loves any bus so we were in luck, he didn't mind the wait! (He also was sitting in the comfort of a stroller...)

Onthe bus. I think I started taking self-portraits just to see my reflection. I was sure I was a hot mess with all the sweating and likely frizzy hair. James chose to have a funny face.

At our first stop, some models of the aircrafts.

James and his Dad on the observation deck.

Looking out from the observation decks- launch pads in the distance!

I think tourists are kept quite a distance from the launch pads, high security and whatnot.




I just had to jump in a picture.


This engine was placed in the middle of the observation decks. I thought it looked artsy.

Our bus driver announced the appearance of several alligators. I was the only lucky one of us to see them. Jim was on the other side of the bus. You can just barely see him in the upper left corner of the water, under the glare.

At the second stop we were ushered into a screening room to watch a short film about the race to the moon in the 60's. We learned so much. James sat on my lap for this film.

And then we were led into a replica of the control room during the Apollo 11 mission. The control panels were the real ones! I don't know why that was highly exciting for us, but it was!

So they simulated the final countdown to the launch of the space craft. The room vibrated and when we looked above, the windows were fire-lit and vibrating like crazy. It was pretty cool!

After the spectacular film and demonstration we headed to the exhibits within this building. The first thing we saw put us in awe. Here is the tail of the Saturn V spacecraft. HUGE. ENORMOUS. INCREDIBLE. It is hung overhead in this huge hangar-like building.

We had to take a picture with Snoopy the astronaut!

Behind Snoopy were the various newspaper headlines following the Apollo 11 mission. So cool!

To be continued...

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