Thursday, August 2, 2012

Orland Day 2 at LegoLand, Part 2

LegoLand's MiniLand deserves its own blog entry! I really, really appreciate this area of the park. I think about the hours and hours of creativity and work that goes into each piece and I hope that one day James will have a job that makes him happy. (I'm assuming the Lego guys are VERY happy and geeky about their jobs!)

It's a HUGE area of the park. Like I keep saying, it was VERY HOT but we wandered around a bit to admire each area.

I think my favorite part of MiniLand is always the Las Vegas strip. Here is the Luxor but the back view. It's amazing that they even thought of including the pool area with cabanas!

Back to NY...

And Washington...

NY again.

And back to Vegas! I snapped this picture because the Blue Man Group is a favorite of Jim's.

Ahhhhh Paris!




Come back soon!

Jim showed the Kennedy Space Center to James. We're going there tomorrow!


Love MiniLand!

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