Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 3 in Orlando, Kennedy Space Center Part 2

More snapshots of the artifacts and coolness in the Apollo/Saturn V Center.

Signs commemorating each of the Apollo missions. I only took pictures of two of them.



One of my favorite pictures from the entire vacation is coming up. I just really like this moment of Jim and James sharing and learning.


Jim didn't think I'd be as interested in all this "space stuff" but I was. I think my only regret is that I would have liked to read each piece of information at all the exhibits. Not possible with a 5 year old!

We tried to read what we could.




We're still adding to our pressed penny collection with each vacation spot. James helps.

Back on the tour bus.

We were very disturbed to see these large black smoke clouds. We were afraid something bad had happened or there was a fire. Turned out they do "controlled burns" to prevent accidental fires. Seemed like a really hot day to do it!

Back at the main entrance we weren't sure if James would still want to play at the (tented) playground (because it was so hot) but he did! He loved it. I stood under a ceiling fan while Jim explored the Rocket Garden.


The Rocket Garden.

I spied Jim near one of the rockets and yelled for him to pose. He looks so teeny tiny.

International Space Station mural.

James' favorite stop, ANYWHERE. The gift shop. Do you know that he was able to spot the Lego set from the entrance? Not even five feet in and he spied the Lego set in the display window. He maneuvered his way into the display case and came out with the Lego set in his hand. "Can I get this?!"

Good thing his Dad was prepared (and willing) to buy him a souvenir. It was a space shuttle, so it's a good souvenir. I guess I kept thinking that it's nice that it's something that will last a long time, not a cheapie souvenir. I remember my childhood of coin purses, stamped giant pencils, and stuffed animals. I don't own a single one of those now! Legos are forever, right?

I hope these memories last a long time too :)


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