Sunday, August 26, 2012

Golf Pro

One of James' golf lessons was rained out so we headed to a make-up session on a Monday night. Just me and James. The lesson was an extra fifteen minutes which was a great bonus!

There weren't as many kids due to the different time/day, so the kids were broken up into groups of two with an instructor. James was very lucky to have George. I loved George. He was funny and so patient with the boys. He got down to their level and really explained things.


And cheered for them!






James loved his lesson so much that he asked to go golfing the next day. How could I say no? It was actually a beautiful, slightly windy day. I loved the weather!

I taught James how to carry his golf bag on his shoulder, like the pros.


And since he's only five years old they let us buy a bucket of golf balls for half the price. James wanted to go right for the driving range, no mini golf for him. He was all business!

George told him the "secret" to using his "boomstick" (driver). Bend your knees!






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