Friday, August 3, 2012

Goodbye Orlando!

Jim had to stay in Orlando to attend to his business (you know, the real reason for the Orlando trip). James and I headed home on Tuesday afternoon. Grandma Rose was kind enough to pick us up. Thank you, Grandma Rose! You're the bestest.

James handles the airplane just fine. He was very content with his books, my iPad, and snacks. I thought I'd have an easy time of reading my book but I was seated next to a very chatty, high-maintenance lady who hadn't flown for 17 years. Yikes.

We loved our unexpected vacation and we appreciate Jim (Dad)'s willingness to include us on this trip. It was very lonely coming home but we were soon reunited and James was thrilled to have his Dad back.

We love you, Jim! Thank you for being an incredible Dad and giving us all these memories!


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