Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day

James is a lucky boy. For Valentine's Day he received TWO Batman related gifts and he was THRILLED. First he got a Batmobile from Grandma Rose. It's the coolest thing. James loves to rev it up and let it scoot across the ground. It will be hours of fun :)

And then Grandma Laura dropped off a present. It was something that James didn't even know about but he's gladly accepted it into his collection. He wanted the Joker but didn't know there was a whole "castle" that came with it! Whoa. Another fun toy.

The supercool Batmobile made a stop at the Joker castle. James still doesn't know the Joker is a villain. I'm reluctant to tell him about bad guys and evil. I think that can wait!

Flowers from Jim.

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