Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Dada's Day! SD Day #4

Happy Dada's Day to Jim! He is the best Dada! We plan on really celebrating this next weekend when we're home. Jim deserves the special treatment- sleeping in on Saturday/Sunday, special meals, presents, etc.

Today we met all of our San Diego family for breakfast. Jim was finally able to meet Jamie, my stepsister. She was really excited to meet Jim and James. She is always a hoot! We went back to Great Grandpa and Grandma's house following breakfast for a quick visit. Grandma showed me her beautiful quilts, we took a few pictures and videos, and then we said goodbye when James started to get a little cranky (franky). He slept in the car while we drove to Seaport Village. I remember Seaport Village from when I was little. My parents would take us and we would watch the jugglers, shop, and ride the carousel. We did all of the same things today! Jim took James on the carousel (they sat in a chariot, not a moving horse)- James didn't really have a reaction to it. Better than crying :)

We found Seaport Village to be very pretty. The weather was hot but windy by the water. We ate lunch there- I had fish and chips, Jim had a calamari sandwich. We had plenty of opportunity to use the monkey today- James had a great time walking and walking by the water and through the village.

We got back to the hotel at around 4ish and rested. We ended up having takeout for dinner, just enjoying the time together.

New words, well, maybe not new but frequently used this week: Up! (asking to be picked up) and Shoe. And every goodbye is "Bye Bye Dada!"- it doesn't matter to who.

Happy Father's Day to all the Grandpas! Grandpa Frank, Grandpa Roger, Grandpa Larry, and Great Grandpas Frank and Ruben (in Santa Barbara)!!

Tomorrow: We are going to the beach! And then we leave for MN at 5:30. We arrive back in MN after midnight. Please wish us luck and hope that James just sleeps on the plane :)

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