Saturday, June 7, 2008


Yes, those pajamas did come with a cape :)

Its our last weekend before our big trip! I felt pretty frazzled today thinking about all the packing and organizing I thought I should be doing. I think I'm pretty organized about what I need for James. I might even have too much on the packing list :)

I think I should just get through tomorrow first- I'm going to Chicago just for the day for a former student's graduation. I'm going with a few ladies from my school. This leaves Jim at home with James for the day. I hope they have a fun time!

Two more days of work and then we can vacation.

New words this week:

Shoe (perfect sounding!)

Sandra (sand-da)

Isabelle (Sandra said James says it, I haven't heard it)



Another thing I've noticed, he's pointing things out in books. I can ask "Where is the baby?" or "Who is the Mama?" in his animal books and he correctly points out the right thing. I'm so proud :)

Please see our new pictures in the Baby Album and the video below. James and his Dada had a great time playing :)

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