Monday, June 16, 2008

SD Day #5- Coronado Beach & Goodbye!

We are home safe! We had an uneventful flight home and a great baby to travel with. James had a full day at the beach, and I suppose that helped :) We were really pleased with the way he traveled on the plane, this time he wanted to be a bit more active- standing up and crawling around on top of us. We kept him happy and eventually he fell asleep in our arms.

We started the morning with "the Best Breakfast ever", according to Jim. It was a restaurant called the Hash House a Go-Go and it was really close to our hotel. We were bummed that we discovered it on our last day. We ordered our food and our eyes bulged out when we saw the plates- HUGE and covered with food. My blackberry granola flapjack was about the size of SIX normal pancakes, and it was awesome. Jim had Banana cream & pecan french toast. Wow, his was good too! James was happy with his bowl of strawberries but wouldn't try our food. (He's become a picky eater, though I hope this changes now that we're home.)

And then we headed back to to hotel to hang out, watch golf, pack, and get ready for the beach. We made it to Coronado via the long long long bridge over the bay. I was excited to go over the bridge but then realized how high, how long it was, and how vulnerable you really are (thinking about the I-35 bridge collapse, how morbid!) We made it (phew!) and headed to lunch (pizza) to energize for the day.

I realized that we were pretty unprepared for the beach. We only had one beach towel and should have brought more or a big blanket to sit on. We made it work and James had a blast! I don't think he knew what to do with the sand, so we headed to the water. The first wave that hit his feet (safe in water shoes) was really cold and he demanded, "Up!" He got used to the water and would RUN towards it. Jim had a hard time keeping him safe and not too deep :) We let him play in the water and I tried to find some seashells and sand dollars. I found two but one broke and the other I left in the rental car :(

It was just a really great way to end our vacation, soaking in the sun and playing in the water. James was so happy and that made us happy :) It was a really pretty beach and the Hotel nearby was beautiful. When we make our millions, we'll maybe stay there for a vacation next time!

We left with sand in our shoes, in our diaper bag, and the stroller. I'm sure we brought some back to MN too!

I woke James up at 8am (when I woke up) wanting to get him back into our usual routine. He's done so well with the time change, but we're using today to get back to normal. Dada Jim is home too- he took the day off to unpack and regroup before he needs to get back to the grind. We're lucky to have such a great Dada to help us today :)

Please see our pictures and video below! We are happy to be home but we'll miss our SD family and the fun we had.

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