Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bye Bye Good to Go

This is what James says. Not just Bye Bye, but the entire phrase.

Tonight we were pleasantly surprised when he said, "Bye Bye Dada" as I carried him upstairs to bed. It was very sweet!

Another sweet moment was today at daycare when James saw me at the front door. He was sitting at the big kid table (vs. a highchair) and he saw me and yelled out "Mama!" He scrambled to get out of the picnic table and tottered over to the baby gate near the doorway. I couldn't hug him fast enough!

I added some non-James related pictures to the baby album. It been a busy time, saying goodbye to students and then the graduation on Sunday in Chicago. It was one of the longest days of my life- not just because of the early departure and then the terribly long weather delays at the airport (I didn't get home until nearly 2am, ugh!) but because I was away from Jim and James all day. It was the first time I wasn't there for James' wake-up and then his bedtime. A complete day away from him! He was in his Dada's hands, a very nice, safe place to be!

Well, we're packing and getting ready for our big trip tomorrow. Please think of us as we manage our first plane ride with James. I feel like we're ready- DVDs to entertain him, coloring books and crayons, travel aquadoodle mat, stickers, books. I'll pack lots of food too- that'll keep him busy!

I hope to update from San Diego!

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