Wednesday, June 25, 2008


We are waiting for Tia Kristina's arrival. She has been traveling all day! Her flight has been delayed or canceled, not just once but many times today. Well, she just called and said she arrived in Detroit. I told her that her connecting flight is delayed waiting for passengers, hopefully she'll make it! That would put her into Mpls at almost midnight. Its a late night for me, but I'll be glad to help her end her horrible, horrible day of Northwest airlines misery.

Please see our videos below. One video is of James' golf genius and the other is James sitting on our lawn. I tried to get him to play in the water sprinkler, but he screamed. I held him in my arms and ran with him through the sprinkler. He laughed a little at that, but didn't like being on his own. Well, we'll try again.

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