Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Our genius baby is now making two word sentences! He started with "ByeBye Dada" but I thought that was just because of how I taught him to say goodbye (constantly to Dada as he left for work, or as we left for daycare). Now he says "Up Momma!" This would be fun if it wasn't constant! Haha. I'm trying to wean him of his need to be picked up constantly. A little tough love, as I said to my sisters. I don't want him to grow up spoiled and demanding. So far, so good. Yesterday (Tuesday) was a better day. I kept him busy or I would distract him when he would make that particular demand. It seemed to work well.

We had a crazy busy week with Tia Kristina here for her visit. The Tauer/Hullett/Kolden/Esteves 4th of July weekend was great fun. Grandma Rosie and Grandpa Larry came for a visit and Grandma successfully had James calling her "Grandma"!! She was so proud! Tia Kristina hadn't seen James since last year and she insists that James has her chin ("Its like looking in the mirror!") Tia Ana and Tio Rich had James rolling around in laughter, as usual. Tia's little "Nugget" loves her :) Tio Rich had James in hysterics as he pulled him around in a "beer truck". You had to be there :)

The most fun for James was the new pool that Tia Kristina bought for him. It has a fish/bird that sprinkles water, and a slide! James is going to have so much fun in that on our hot summer days this summer! Thank you Tia!

Yesterday James and I did a good deed. We helped one of my (former) students get her drivers license! We took her to the DMV for her behind the wheel test. Her family does not have a car for her to practice with or use for a test, so we gladly helped her with that. She passed her test! Yay for Catherine! James really enjoyed meeting her and her family. James was his usual charming self- laughing and smiling most of the time. The only drama was when James had the HUGEST poop at the DMV. We took care of that quickly and were on our way :)

Today James is at daycare, giving this Mama a whole day to herself! I am not cleaning or doing any "work". Just relaxing. I have my work friends coming over during lunch and we will either go shopping or play our Wii game system. I'm just excited to hang out and have fun with them. Dada Jim is picking up James at daycare so the fun is not interrupted later in the afternoon :)

Please see our videos below. They are old, I forgot to post them last week. The Star Wars video is pretty long and not very clear. I took the video at the Star Wars exhibit, during the Millennium Falcon simulator. It was pretty dark and hard to focus.

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