Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Its been a long time!

I don't know why I don't update this babysite often anymore. I guess we haven't been too busy, so well, no excuses here but I'm enjoying my time with James and that's good enough for me!

We've been staying home more often because of the heat, saving on gas and money, etc. Here is our normal schedule:

6:30/6:45 Wake up

7:15 Breakfast

7:30-9:00 Playtime

9:00 Snack

9:15-11:30 Playtime (or errands)

11:30 Lunch

11:45-12:00 Play or TV as Mama washes dishes

12:00 Brush Teeth

12:15-3:00 Naptime

3:15 Snack

3:30-5:00 Playtime

5:15 Dinner

5:45-7:30 Playtime

7:30 Brush teeth, bath

7:40 Bedtime

It seems like a lot but it flows pretty well. Though it seems like its a constant schedule of eating and diaper changes!

Some cute things James is doing now:

His new word is duck. He says "uck" when he sees a rubber duckie or even the goose prints on our wall. Hey, I'm just happy that he recognizes a duck like bird and we don't correct him that its a goose!

James understands so much! We are just amazed because all of a sudden it seems like he is following simple directions and answering questions. Like we can say, "James, do you want to go downstairs?" He will say "yeah" and walk over to the basement door. Same thing when we are downstairs and ask if he wants to upstairs, he walks over to the baby gate and waits to be picked up.

James also enjoys walking up and down the stairs. Most of the time he will crawl but he likes to hold my hand and very slowly climb his way up. It must be quite the workout for his little baby legs! And always he will stop to kiss R2D2 on the way up or down! (Please see the baby album for a picture of this!)

Some not so cute things James is doing:

Well, just one thing. He is refusing most of his usual foods. He's getting pickier and pickier. He is now refusing his chicken nuggets (really his only meat), his peas (his only veggie), waffles, bread, sometimes bananas. I'm still sneaking in protein in his mac n cheese, but I need to find a way to get some veggies in this boy!

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