Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dada's Birthday

Jim celebrated his birthday on Saturday. It was a quiet family day :) We met Grandma Laura and Uncle Joe for breakfast that day, and really didn't do much else. We are happiest when we can be together and play. James has been a great little boy lately. He is talking a bit more, playing a lot, and following directions so well! He loves to show off the words he does know and he likes to learn other things- turning on and off light switches (when we lift him up), retrieve items from across a room ("go get your sippy cup"), and giving hugs. These are the absolute best! James put everything into a hug- he turns his head and reaches his arms around you to hug. Hugs are the best part of my day!

Please see our photos from the park yesterday. We discovered the park in Blaine. It is an older park but that comes with big shady trees! It was sweet relief from the heat! I have a feeling we'll be taking trips there often :)

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