Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dinner with Grandma Laura

Tonight Grandma Laura joined us for dinner and playtime. James was a major show-off- he played golf, basketball, read books, talked a lot, and was just pretty darn cute. I know that Grandma Laura enjoyed the time with James, she commented a few times that he's all of a sudden so grown up. He is! He is growing fast. Everyone always says that its a blur and it kind of seems true. He will be TWO this fall. Where does the time go?

A funny moment tonight was when James obviously wanted the TV on and we all heard him say clearly "Turn on." He brought the TV remote to Grandma Laura, sat on her lap, and waited. I guess he knows that Grandmas are "supposed to" spoil their grandchildren and he thought she'd turn the TV on for him! (And NO she didn't turn the TV on, we were too busy playing and enjoying his cuteness!)

I'll be sad to lose a week with James. I am leaving Sunday for a work conference in Chicago. Jim will be SuperDada, getting James ready for daycare each morning and being there at night with nutritious dinners and lots of energy to play before bedtime. They will have a great time. I hope to call and hear James' voice, hoping too that he doesn't forget me!

James is our joy!

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