Monday, August 4, 2008

Mama misses Dada and James!

I miss my husband and my precious son. :( I am in Chicago at a conference for work. Its really weird and hard being apart from Jim and James. I know James is in good hands with his Dada but its weird to be not a part of his life for almost a whole week! I received an email from Jim after he dropped off James at daycare, and all is well. James cried when Jim left him, clinging to his leg. I know that that's hard but the best thing is to leave quickly and Sandra takes over. Really, he stops crying as soon as he sees Sandra and the other kids.

I just spoke to Jim and James during dinner time. I had a moment in my hotel room before I head off to dinner myself with the others. Jim put James on speaker phone and I was able to hear his sweet baby voice. He said Hi! Bye-Bye. and lots of "yeah"'s when I asked if he loved Mama, if he was behaving for Dada, etc.

Four more nights... I can do it! I'm taking advantage of this time to sleep in (well, only today I'd be able to cuz we didn't have a meeting until 1:30pm- I slept until 8:30!), go out to dinner without a diaper bag, etc. There's three other Moms in my group, two of which have never been away from their children EVER. This is the longest I'll ever have been away.

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