Friday, August 29, 2008

Where did August go?

August flew by. It seems like summer was very short. I have returned to work and James is happy (I think) to go back to daycare. We had a few crabby days and I wondered if he was hating the schedule readjustment, but it turned out that he has his 2 year molars coming in. They must be painful.

James is safely in bed, though a while ago he was crying. I went up to his room, knowing it was because he had dropped his beloved Blankie. Sure enough it was behind the crib, I had to pull out the storage drawer under the crib to find Blankie. He cuddled it close and was quiet. No peeps since. Jim told me that a work friend told him about her own son. Her son is grown up and still carries a piece of his blankie in his wallet. She had gradually cut the blankie down to pieces (weaning?) and eventually he was left with the small square. I wonder how long James will be attached to his Blankie? We don't ever dare NOT give it to him. If we lost it, we would be SOL.

James is a very active boy lately. He loves his golf clubs, his basketball hoop, his baseball bat, and he loves to run. We were at the park today and as soon as I set him down he ran. Though today he ran away shyly from a boy who said Hi to him. I was surprised. I had never seen James shy like that. Soon enough he was running to the play equipment to play (but not to the boy, he ignored him). James' other favorite thing to do is play with his new Mr. Potato Head. Grandma Laura brought that gift to the house last weekend and James loves to push the pieces into the head. Its a great toy right now as he's learning his body parts. He knows: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair, toes, big belly.

James has been enjoying summer desserts at our house. I have been making sorbets and ice cream with fresh fruit. James was unsure of what we were offering to him, and he would shudder with the cold on his tongue, but he soon figured out that it is sweet and good. Tonight he tried the blackberry swirl ice cream that I made. Mmmm.

James was very excited today because I told him that his Tia Ana and Tio Rich are coming over tomorrow! He ran around the house with joy. (Or maybe he was chasing a ball?) Anyway, he is excited. Jim and I are going out on a date! James will stay behind with Tia and Tio and play play play. Who will be more worn out? James or Tia and Tio? :)

Please see all of our videos below. A few new pictures are in the August photo album!

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