Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mama we need you!

James has been a very, very good boy while Mama is at her conference in Chicago.

Here are a few highlights from this week… we miss Mama very much, and look forward to seeing her on Friday night!!

-When watching the Twins game on Sunday, James saw all the players wearing baseball caps. He went over and got his cap and put it on. When I got excited when the Twins hit a home run, James came over to me with his hand behind his ear. I couldn’t tell what he was trying to do. He was winding up to give me a HUGE high-five!

-James LOVES his new book about “Spot” the dog, from Grandma Laura. He has wanted to read it every night and in the mornings. He likes the story and characters Spot (dog) and Helen (the Hippo). Whenever I point to the characters or something in the book, I ask him “Who’s that?” and he always looks back at me to see and (I think) try to learn their names. He is doing the same thing with his Sesame Street books and other books.

-Overall James has eaten very well this week. Last night, not so much. But he did eat all of his Strawberries (Bud-ee).

-James cries a little bit and doesn’t want me to leave when I drop him off for Daycare in the mornings. But he is always happy to see me when I pick him up, and have been greeted happily by “Da-daaaa!” each time.

-James likes to notify me when he sees basketball hoops in driveways, when we go to and from day care. When he sees one, he says “da Ball” or “yo Ball”, at least “Ball” is in there somewhere. Obviously he knows they are bigger versions of his own Hoop at home.

-On Tuesday when grandma Laura, uncle Joe and aunt Kathy came over, James was pretending he was an eye doctor. Grandma asked him to check her eyes, and he put his toy from his doctor kit up to his own eye, like he was the doctor!

-In the past several weeks, he has started to understand a lot more things… if you ask him to do any of the following, he usually will:

-Brush Teeth

-Comb/brush hair

-Point to: Toe, Nose, Big Belly, Eyes, Hair


-Get a ball

-Throw a ball

-Put on his hat

-Get his shoes

-Get a diaper

-Turn off light

-Close door

-Get Blankie

-Get Book

-Watch TV (will sit in chair) – trying to avoid this.

-get Cup

-eat certain things… “Eat your peas”, “Drink your milk” or “Eat your chicken” and he sometimes eats the thing you ask. This does not always work, however.

-Go Outside

-Go, go, go! (going somewhere in car)

-Go night-night (upstairs to bed)

-Go downstairs/upstairs (he will crawl up or down the stairs himself)

-Get Mo (Elmo puppet or doll)

-Kiss anyone or anything

-Hug anyone or anything

-Bath (signing)

-Can point out items in a book (ball, mama, dada, baby (James’ picture), Mo (elmo)

-Can do some sign language


-Take blood pressure (he gets the toy blood pressure cuff from his doctor’s kit)

-Play with blocks

-Out (go out of a room)

When I typed out this list, I realized he is doing a lot more than I thought! I am sure there is more than I’m missing, this is all I could think of for now.

Thank you, James for being such a good boy all week and making it easier on Dada! We hope Mama is having fun in Chicago, see you tomorrow! We love you and miss you lots and lots.... have a safe trip home!


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