Friday, August 21, 2009

Chef James and other fun

James was in a weird mood one morning and I found him "swimming" in his toys. He looked to be enjoying this- what a mess!

Yup, I made this mess.

Mama got skillz.

I found James' winter coat while shopping and was so happy that it matches his penguin hat from Tia ChaCha!

This is too cute! James was saying this while hugging Blankie, "Blankie so beautiful!"

I like how Blankie has become a "him" recently. James will look for Blankie and when he finds it, he says, "I found him!" Blankie also has an appetite. The other day James told me, "Blankie wants pudding, Mama."

Help me, Mama!

He's got a mischievous look in his eye. Know what he's doing? With my encouragement, he's giving Jim "spider fingers"- making his fingers crawl to look like a spider. Jim is scared of spiders :)

"I cook." (James makes GREAT hamburgers!)

Do you want cheese with that?

He really does understand the concept of cooking. He tells me often, "Go cook macaroni cheese." Ummmm, can you say please?

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