Friday, August 28, 2009


James is still having a great transition to his new daycare. He has a hard time in the mornings, a bit of separation anxiety, maybe, but we are dealing with it. He cries when we leave him :( I've watched in the video monitors and he is fine soon after we leave the room. He is easily distractable and he really is having lots of fun at his "school".

Each day we get his update sheet and I'm excited to read about what he has done that day. There is also a large white board hanging in the classroom, that has more detail, so I read that and the day's menu to see what they attempt to feed my baby. (Today was tacos! I wonder how he did on Meatloaf Thursday?)

This update sheet is from Monday. They had a guest speaker- a baker! Mike the Baker showed the kids how to make cookies. And of course they got to eat them! I was told that James loved the baker presentation and ate two cookies. I'm not surprised! :)

I found this cute t-shirt at Target and knew I had to get it for James. Grandma Laura loves the Snoopy characters, and while I'm trying to give James some room to figure out which characters HE will love, I knew I had to get this t-shirt. Grandma Rosie had the same idea because she gave me a duplicate shirt! So funny.

Skipping ahead to today. Jim and I went to the State Fair! James still went to daycare, he was paid up for today and we thought it would be easier to navigate the crowds without him. I felt bad about not taking him, but I knew Jim and I needed to have our fun!

Jim tries Macaroni and Cheese on a stick. Our verdict: just okay.

My corndog was GREAT. Expensive, but great. There was a much larger corndog, if you can believe that!

Jim was too excited. Sweet Martha cookies at last!

Jim tried to win me a stuffed animal but this game was too hard, despite his pool skillz.

James had a great day at daycare. Before we leave we make a stop at the potty. James is excited to sit on the potty now! He must have a lot of encouragement at daycare and I'm trying to continue that at home. I don't force him to stay on the potty long, but I'm just trying to get into the routine of having him visit the potty. I only manage a few seconds of sitting before he says, "I'm done on potty!"

This is a smaller toilet. Just his size!

I have great news! James used the potty for the first time! He earned a sticker on the door chart!!! I am very excited. They told me that they whooped it up and congratulated him. I hope I'll have the same chance to do this at home!!!

James has a locker! We store his change of clothes, a blanket, and his beloved Blankie in the locker.

So he did have a great day and week!

After dinner we have James sit on the potty again. I forget what he was saying to me in this picture, but he's just too damn cute!

Playing outside tonight-

We got him to golf! He shot a couple balls and then got distracted with chalk art, his bike, but then went back to golf. I do like that he's so well rounded!

Dada shows James how its done!

I love this picture. My boys are so cute!

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