Sunday, June 1, 2008

7 more days!

Yes, I am counting down the days left of school. We are excited to get to San Diego to see Grandpa Frank and Grandma Julie. Its our first family vacation and we're going to have lots of fun.

So I need to get through this next week. I have a lot of things to finish up with students and then I have to wait and hear about what next year will bring me. I don't know if I'm having an end of the year evaluation, I don't know anything. I hope everything works out.

James has a new word! Apple! He's able to sign the word too, but just today we could hear that he was repeating it. He had apple yogurt and I kept repeating apple and he said it like "pple" and then again when we were looking through his sign language flash cards.

James also says "Beep!" when we push on his nose or he pushes on a mole/spot on his Dada. Its really cute :)

We saw Grandma Rosie, Grandpa Larry, Tia Ana, and Tio Rich ALL DAY yesterday, what a treat! We all participated in Ana's garage sale and we did very well. Grandma Rosie played with James and took him for a few walks around the neighborhood. He was kept very busy all day, and napped well in an unfamiliar place. This was encouraging because hopefully this means that he will nap well in SD.

Grandpa Roger came over this morning for a visit and a long walk around the lake with the Boys. Grandma Laura stopped by too for a quick hello. Lots of family time this weekend- James is a lucky boy!

I'm so happy and grateful to have James. He is a wonderful little boy- happy, sweet, healthy and very loving. There is a teacher at my school who also keeps a blog about her new baby, and unfortunately she is not doing well. She had complications and was born early. Lots of complications, seizures, low brain activity. She's finally home to live out the rest of her short life, maybe 4 days, maybe 2 months. It just makes me very sad to imagine all that. Why can't everyone be as happy and lucky as Jim and me?

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