Saturday, June 21, 2008

Two zoos in one weeek!

We hit the MN zoo today, after just being at the SD Zoo last Saturday. Jim and I really wanted a nice day out with James, and the weather cooperated. It was hot but not too hot. James ended up cooling off at the zoo's Splash Pad. He LOVED LOVED LOVED it! He actually cried when I picked him up and carried him away. It inspired us to buy a water sprinkler/toy for home. We hope he likes that too!

So James interacted with the animals much more today, just like at the SD zoo. He was not afraid of the petting zoo animals, watched the fish in the aquarium, and looked at the grizzly bear up close and personal at the new Grizzly Coast exhibit. The grizzly was INCHES away from James (separated by a thick glass barrier), as it waded in its pool, swam right up to James and I, and started to poke its nose at the glass. My Mama instincts made me want to hold James close and run, because the bear looked at James like he was a tasty treat! It was really, really cool to be so close to a bear though.

We came home and the fun continued. Please see our videos below for some clips from the zoo but also Elmo Love Part 2.

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