Saturday, June 14, 2008

SD Day #3- San Diego Zoo

We began the morning with breakfast. We met Grandpa Frank and Grandma Julie, and Grandpa led us on a tour of SD as we tried to figure out where our breakfast location was :) We met Carrie (my step-sister), her husband Vern, and their son Cameron at the restaurant.

We (Grandpa Frank, Grandma Julie, Jim, James and I) spent a fun-filled day at the San Diego Zoo- world famous! It is a HUGE zoo. We walked for awhile, taking James to the Children's Zoo first. He was fearless in wandering around and petting the goats, sheep, etc. We tried to let him walk around as much as possible, he kept us on a pretty fast pace through the zoo. We were so careful to let him walk ahead of us, but not too far. He stayed on the paths for the most part, and just looked like he was having so much fun! He soon became worn out and napped on my lap as we took the zoo tour bus around the zoo, looking to see what we would head to next.

We saw so many animals! The plants and trees were also incredible. Its funny what I notice now as an adult :) I just know that we'll have to head back to the zoo (too) when James is older. He really did notice the animals- much more than he has at the MN zoo a couple of months ago- but I think older kids really appreciate the animals when they can name them and learn about them. Its also an excellent reason to come back and visit Grandpa Frank and Grandma Julie!

Please see our pictures of our adventures today.

After our full day at the zoo, we parted ways from Grandpa Frank and Grandma Julie. We went to the grocery store to replenish James' applesauce and banana supply. We also went to a restaurant called Jimmy Carter's. We had looked for a restaurant online and saw it had good reviews. Well, we were mistaken because JC's was really a Mexican cafe and not the American diner that we had thought. It actually was really good though! I had crab and shrimp enchiladas, Jim had carnitas, and James had a cheese enchilada. Jim said his meal was "very good" which is the ultimate rating in his book. He loved the homemade tortillas- they reminded me of my Grandma Gutierrez's tortillas.

Tomorrow: Father's Day breakfast with Grandpa Frank, Grandma Julie, Great Grandpa Frank, Great Grandma Rachel, Carrie, Vern, Cameron, and Jamie (my other step-sister). Also, Jim, James and I are headed to Seaport Village and possibly the beach!

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