Friday, June 13, 2008

SD Day #2

James slept well again, probably exhausted after a long day of new and exciting things and people. He woke up at 6am SD time, so he's adjusted himself to the new time zone. What a great baby!

We went down to breakfast at about 7:30 but we didn't stay long. James had a meltdown and refused to eat, he screamed and threw anything we put in front of him. The only thing we figured (later) was that he might have rubbed sunscreen in his eyes. We brought him back up to the hotel room and tried to feed him there. I washed off his hands and his face, and he settled down. He only really ate bananas and applesauce, but he stopped crying so we were relieved.

We left for Legoland and arrived there at 10:30. It was about a 50 minute drive. (*I* am driving us around in California. Jim gets impatient in traffic. I'm glad to do it.) We made sure to slather ourselves in sunscreen and we went into Legoland. We were immediately greeted by a Lego Darth Vader and R2D2 (see pictures).

LegoLand was incredible. There were so many things to see- Lego works of art, Lego inspired rides, playgrounds, a really really fun looking water park (and I don't really like the water!), etc. We agreed that it would be a great place to go back to when James is older. Today we went on just one ride (a boat cruise) but mostly looked and let James walk around a bit.

James slept in the car, both on the way to LegoLand and then back to the hotel. He did great today!

We got back to the hotel pretty early (2:30ish) and rested. We walked to the Hillcrest neighborhood and found a fun diner for dinner. Please see our pictures and check out my root beer float and Jim's chocolate malt! We thought of Grandpa Roger because the diner was 50's, Elvis, and oldies inspired.

Tomorrow: The San Diego Zoo with Grandpa Frank and Grandma Julie!

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