Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yup, he's a boy!

I forgot to mention James' latest discovery. He has a penis. He now reaches for his penis at each diaper change and giggles. We find it humorous! This has been going on since SD. Yup, he's a boy!

Happy Birthday (yesterday) to Ryan & Jesse Kemmetmueller!

I feel horrible. Tonight James threw himself against me, slid down the couch at the same time, and my fingernail caught him on his side. I knew that I hurt him before he started crying. And then when I looked there is a red, long scratch. I hurt my baby! Luckily, when I asked him if he still loved me, he said "Yeah."

I have sad news. The teacher at my school who had her baby early and then the baby has had complications, well, Baby Maisie passed away yesterday. I saw her when Brooke (teacher) brought her to school for a visit on the last day of school last week. The baby was tiny and gray. At that point they had brought the baby home because there was nothing else to be done for her. I can't imagine what the family is going through :(

The good, great, wonderful news is that Tia Kristina is coming for a visit! She arrives next week! We are looking forward to seeing her and I'm sure she's anxious to see James :)

Tomorrow is my first full day with James. Tuesday we spent the day, all of us, recuperating from our vacation :) Today James went to daycare while I finished up some things at work. So tomorrow we start our summer :) No big plans except grocery shopping and visiting Maya the cat.

Weekend plans: MN Zoo!

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