Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 4, 2013

We headed to our hotel next. James goes very few places without his buddy, Mario. And check out his new "suitcase" from Grandma Laura!


After a short rest James really really wanted to try out the pool. Jim was kind enough to take James while I got a chance to relax in the hotel room. I did sneak this picture from the balcony. Jim and James are in the center of the pool.


After a rest we went out to explore Canal Park and some nearby shops before our next adventure.

James picked out the plainest piece of chocolate at this candy store. He is a purist!


At least he shares!






Jim also arranged for us to take a pizza dinner cruise! The Vista Queen. We mostly sat inside the boat since it was surprisingly COLD! Great views, pizza, good company, great life!

James and his hunk of chocolate.


We also played some card games when the view just wasn't enough for our little guy.


At the end of the cruise we braved the cold winds and headed up to the top of the boat.



I think this pictures shows the real US. And a James that has had far too much sugar in one day! We hoped this would keep him awake and alert for fireworks later on!


We had some time to kill between the cruise and the fireworks so James settled in to his part of the hotel room for a TV show.


At around 9:30pm we started walking to Canal Park with our folding chairs for the fireworks. These were James' first fireworks because he has never stayed up this late!


It got darker and darker.


And then finally fireworks! We had great seats and a good view of the fireworks with the bridge in view!






I didn't take picture with any fancy camera (like the people sitting next to us) but I did the best I could.

James was REALLY tired, even before the fireworks. I'm not sure if he appreciated them, really. He was just too tired.



He did perk up on the way home, and actually wanted to stop and buy mini donuts from a vendor! Uh... no!

Happy 4th of July to us!


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