Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Playdate at Minnehaha Falls

My friend Sara (teacher friend :) invited us to join her at Minnehaha Falls park for a picnic and playground time. She lives within biking distance of the park.

James was very intrigued by the name Minnehaha. He thought that was hilarious!

Our kids were shy with each other at first but soon enough Nora (3) was following around James and copying his every move.



Declan is barely one years old. He is quite the little bundle! I was happy to hold him several times while Sara was off chasing after Nora. I took these secret pictures too. I hope Sara doesn't mind. I was mesmerized by a baby!



After our play time and picnic we went over to the Falls. James had never been there so he was quite impressed. He did want to go to the bottom of the Falls and touch the water. Uh... no.


He settled for making funny faces at my camera.



He looks so big now!


This was Nora and James' goodbye. It was too cute.


Back at home we enjoyed some more play time outside and cooled off with some Angry Birds freezies. Uh... yum?



Some cloud collecting.




It was a nice, full day!


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