Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

I didn't get many pictures during this weekend but I did get these good ones, with and without Mario (please say Mario in an Italian/Nintendo accent).

We started Father's Day weekend with a breakfast in bed on Saturday. We also went to brunch at our favorite local restaurant, Tavern on the actual FD.



James surprised his Dad with a thoughtful (for a 6 year old) gift of a Nintendo Wii controller! He wanted to have three of them so the whole family could play at once. I do have to call that thoughtful because he was thinking of the family!

We also gave Jim another Christian Waggoner Star Wars print for the basement. It was well received and will go nicely with the others in the Man Cave.

So we did stick close to home for this weekend. Jim and James headed outside for a little golf instruction as I watched from the deck.


James came to get me because his Dad was playing with the neighbor boys! I had to check this out. This is what I saw...

Sporty Jim!



I think he knocked that small boy down!


And then the other boys, James, and myself joined. James and I were in charge of one goal.



I hope Jim enjoyed his Day! We love him dearly!


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