Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 5th, in Duluth

Following our late night watching fireworks, we went to the Lake Superior Railroad Museum. James LOVED it. He really loved exploring and climbing on all the old trains.


He climbed the rickety ladder to the top of this train car, to sit on the bench.


I surprised Jim by joining him up there.


More exploring..



James is way up there, up in the window. He is driving the train snow plow.


James calls this his "President Pose". I have no idea why. Puffed up, happy!




After a bit of exploring we left on a real train ride down the coast of Lake Superior.


James took this picture of his Mom and Dad.


After the train ride we explored some more.


Another President Pose!


We went back to the snow plow to see how big it is. James is tiny in comparison!




Later we went to Grandma's Saloon for lunch. I had a hard time convincing James that this was NOT Grandma Rose's restaurant!


Another horse ride! I hope to get James on a real horse some time soon..


Walking around Canal Park...


The fun continued! James played one of his favorite games at one of those indoor game/adventure parks.


And heading back to our hotel there were campfires and s'mores by the lake. Yum!


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