Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day of Golf

James had his regular golf lesson on this day but he didn't know there was also a surprise..



I made secret plans for a playdate with George after the golf lesson! Jim said I was the best Mom ever for arranging this secret surprise, and for the fun day we planned. James had been wanting to go to Goony Golf so I figured it would make him happiest to enjoy Goony Golf with his bestie!






The boys worked up quite a sweat and then appetite, so we headed to McDonald's but the special one with the Playland. Really, I think all of James' dreams came true that day :) (He always wants to go to this particular one, but there hadn't been a great opportunity until now!)

Thank you, George, for a great day! He was the only one willing to pose for pictures at Playland. And honestly, I was just glad to sit down and stay cool!


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