Saturday, November 29, 2014

Man of the House

When Dad is away James proclaims himself the "Man of the House". When Dad's away, this Mom really appreciates everything Dad does. I needed to supervise the homework completion in the mornings--


Bath times--


We did cheat one night and we went out to dinner instead of eating at home. We call them "dates" and not cheating :)


And he turned the camera on me.


We saw a same sex couple at the restaurant and I used the opportunity to point it out, that they're also on a date and isn't that nice?

Jame said, "If I had two Dads I wouldn't get to go on dates with you!" That lead to a great conversation about how he could go on "dates" with Dad too. Dates aren't just for a boy and girl! He couldn't wait to ask his Dad about a date :)

We sent a Date selfie to Dad, all the way in London.


He doesn't look excited but he is. He loves calamari!


And Dad sent us a picture back! He's with Sonic at the Sega headquarters.


Man of the House needed to clean up his boy mess. Damn right.


I was glad to be on my game to remember school picture day. James left the house in this long sleeved "fancy" shirt..


But he took it off and had picture day in his minecraft shirt! That was not the plan. Thank goodness for retakes day!


With Jim gone it was up to me to take James to his swim lesson.


And Dairy Queen for dinner? With a pumpkin pie blizzard? No problem!


Jim came home with Sega gifts :)



We sure are glad when Dad comes home!


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