Monday, September 24, 2007

B is for Baby, Bedtime, Bath, and Books

Jim has been working with James to repeat words and sounds. We had a lively conversation in the car, on the way home from Minneapolis on Saturday. We had gone to Tia Ana's to check on Cousin Maya and then we went to Peter's Billiards to browse the pool tables, wall art, and barstools.

On Sunday we met Grandma Rosie and Larry for breakfast. Sorry the pictures aren't up yet, but the website was under maintenance last night and I couldn't upload or update. I'm actually surprised to see no change to the babysite. I had hoped they were adding new backgrounds or features. Oh well!

Anyway, the breakfast was fun. Grandma is always fun! BUT when we got home we were pretty alarmed to see James sweating heavily! He was asleep for the whole ride home and didn't fuss... I did notice the sun was shining on him but it wasn't hot in the car. We quickly stripped him down and gave him a bottle and he was fine. It was just weird.

There is another concern that I need to address- James has a really bad rash or dry patch of skin on the top of his back. We've noticed it for a while but it doesn't seem to be getting better- despite lotion and natural bath products. We're worried because the last couple of times James has screamed/cried when we put lotion on his back :( I don't know what else to do but take him to the doctor. Hopefully that will happen tomorrow or Wednesday.

James was a bit crabby all weekend. I think he misses being around kids. He keeps himself busy at times, playing happily with toys or household items, but then would cry/fuss until we picked him up. He is one squirmy baby though! I tried sitting on the deck with him but he just doesn't sit still. I think he just really wants to crawl/walk and be wild :)

I must be forgetting something, but I have to go. Afternoon meeting. Adios!

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