Monday, August 27, 2007

Angel baby

James is safely tucked into bed after a wonderful day with Christa, Andy, Jesse, & Ryan. James has lifelong friends! The boys were very energetic and fun. We had a glimpse of three year old life :) James sat back and watched the activity and seemed very content. He was so wonderful and well behaved all day! Christa and Andy said they've never met a more well behaved, mellow baby.

So we had a fun day playing with all of our boys on the Wii game system, the pool table, going out to lunch at Time Out, and then coming back to the house for cake and ice cream. I made Christa a Caramel Almond Torte cake and Mexican Chocolate ice cream. We thought about giving James his first taste of sweets but we will wait until his birthday. It will definitely add to that moment :)

It was so great to see Christa, who is my very best friend from college and beyond. I saw her last Easter, when I was pregnant, and so I met the boys then, but it was nice to see them and how much they've grown! They are talking and so grown up. I learned that Jesse uses big words like apparently, obviously, and actually. Ryan likes cars and was very helpful with James- handing him toys to play with.

Christa has more pictures on her camera and I'm anxious to see them. I think they turned out better than the few I took. In all of the excitement, I just forgot to take pictures.

Well, our long weekend started out with a visit from Tia Ana and Tio Rich on Saturday night. We always have fun with them. :)

James also had a chance to visit with his Grandma Laura and Uncle Joe & Aunt Kathy.

James had a slight runny nose on Saturday and he ended up snoring through the night. I was worried about his breathing so I turned the monitor's sensor back on. James did set off the alarm but only because he snuggled up against the very front of the crib, away from the sensor pad. He was fine all night. Slept through with no problems.

The next day he still had a runny nose. On Sunday night I noticed that I had a sore throat and seemed stuffed up. I still do but its more annoying than anything. Jim too.

I hope James didn't carry a cold home from daycare! I guess its inevitable.

Well, daycare for James tomorrow only! And the rest of the week is with Grandma Rosie or Mama! Yay :)

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