Monday, August 6, 2007

9 months old!

James is a big boy! He surprised me today with a new skill- he can clap his hands! I've been clapping around him for a long time but just today he did it back to me! I would have thought I imagined it but Jim came home and saw the both of us on the floor, clapping together. He was amazed that James is doing this too :) (Such a silly, small thing huh?)

James is continuing to do well with his sleep. Laying him down for his naps or for bedtime is so easy now. I tell him that its time for sleep, that Mama and Dada love him, and that we'll see him soon. I give him big hugs and say bye bye. He might roll around, stand up, but he eventually lies down and goes to bed- all with very little or no crying. Yay!

Its hard to believe that summer is almost over! I have two weeks before I head back to work. James will start daycare next week, maybe 2 half days to get him started.

We had a full weekend- Grandma Rosie, Larry, Tia Ana, and Tio Rich came over to visit. Grandma came with toys, new clothes, and lots of love! We hadn't seen her for about a month and she was really amazed by how much James had grown and how independent he's become (crawling, standing, and moving wherever he wants!) He's also a much happier baby :)

We have our 9 month doctor's appointment on Thursday so check back for another update. I expect that James has grown some more! We went to the doctor not too long ago for his skin concerns and he was already at 22 pounds. He's a healthy baby!

There are new pictures in the baby albums, August and 9 months old!
Check back soon for another update!

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