Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday- the last week!

Its my last week at home with James. I had a meeting this morning and so my friend Anna came over to babysit. James was napping most of the time but I came home to the both of them happily playing on the floor. He is a great baby :)

He's pretty active as you can see from the homepage picture. He likes to crawl underneath the dining room table and stand. My only fear is that the rolling chairs will roll away from him and he will fall face forward. He took a couple of hard falls elsewhere in the kitchen and the living room today and cried somewhat hard. I guess this is to be expected now that he is exploring and touching everything! He's even pulling up on the bare walls and refrigerator. We're very careful opening any door (bathroom, garage, basement) because he could be standing on the other side!

In one of the August pictures you can see a bright red mark/rash on his face. We still don't know what caused this. It was very weird. James didn't seem to be in pain or itchy. Maybe a bug bite?

New foods: James had his first Mexican food yesterday! He had flour tortillas! also: french toast, turkey sausage, shredded chicken, kiwi fruit, whole wheat pasta, baby goldfish crackers, pineapple, whole wheat bread, salmon. He is doing so well with self feeding!

Sleep update: James is also sleeping very well! He goes down easily for naps and bedtime. He is sleeping through the night and even sleeping until 6:30am, when I wake him up if he isn't already awake. You could set a clock by him because he is always stirring at 5:45, but I turn down the monitor and he's asleep again until 6:30. I haven't been letting him sleep later so that his 9am naptime is on schedule.

Well, no plans for tomorrow (Tuesday). James starts his daycare on Wednesday and then on Thursday. I'm sure it will go well!

Please see the new video down below. I took some secret footage of Jim and James playing on the floor. They looked like they were having so much fun :)