Thursday, August 16, 2007

2nd Day of daycare

James is doing reallly, really well! Sandra, our provider, has said he has been a dream. He is rarely fussy and has done very well for naps. He's doing about the same as he does at home- he lays down and maybe mumbles/cries softly for a minute and then rolls over with Ted (his blankie) and falls asleep easily. Yay! This was the part I was most worried about- how he would transition from home to daycare with his new sleep system.

The very first day he did not take a bottle. He ate plenty of baby food and finger foods, but not his bottle. Today, the second day, was much better.

The other kids at the daycare (ranging from 5 months to 12 years old) love James. He is a new cute face and he plays well with them. I'm so glad he has other kids around him!

Our provider said that a Mexican family interviewed today for one of her older child spots. The Dad was so excited to see James and said he was a beautiful boy. I agree!

Please see past journal entries for video clips, and see the photo albums for recent pictures.

James and I are off to play!

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