Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Forced to CIO

I feel a little sad that this is the route we're going now. I didn't really plan this. James resisted his nap again this morning so I put him down in the crib. I could see that he was really tired, so it was time for the nap but he didn't want to be rocked, sung to, or held. I guess what has worked well for the last two months isn't going to work now.

So I let him fuss/cry for 10 minutes. I went back into the room, didn't pick him up but just shhhhh'd and patted his back. He stopped crying (hard) and I left the room after a minute or so. He cried for 10 more minutes. Repeat. He cried for about 9 more minutes and then silence.

This CIO technique says to only repeat this process for up to 30 minutes and then give up. We almost made it to the 30 minutes, I was prepared to go upstairs and get him.

I'm supposed to go to my school for a meeting at 10:30. I just emailed the two people I was supposed to meet with and said I would be a little later. I don't think they'll mind since this was a last minute meeting and really, this is my summer break. They also love James.

Well, I want to apologize in advance to my family this weekend if James continues to cry/scream at sleep times. I don't want anyone to be bothered but I know it has to be done. Our pediatrician told us at 6 months to let him CIO and not give him nighttime bottles anymore. We really did try to wean him from the bottles but then he got sick, and then our schedules just didn't allow the extra efforts.

The one good thing about letting him CIO it last night is that he slept through the night! He was up at 6am but at least he got through the night!

Well, Jim just called from the airport in Denver. He and his co-workers all missed their flight by 5 minutes. Security lines were long. So he's on standby for the next flight at 10:40, or 1:30. So he won't be home until 4:30/5:00 probably. This stinks!

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