Saturday, August 11, 2007

First haircut!

We got James' haircut today instead of tomorrow because the local barbershop is only open on Saturdays. I was disappointed that the barber shop didn't have a traditional barber's striped pole but everything else was "old fashioned". I felt like I was intruding in a man's space :)

James handled his haircut okay until the clippers. He cried at the sound buzzing in his ear. He was pretty squirmy the whole haircut- unfamiliar with George, the barber, and the whole process. He looks so clean cut now! (I have a tuft of hair saved in his little cardboard pillbox that says "Baby's First Curl".)

Please see the new pictures in Baby Album "August". There's also a very short video at the bottom of this page!

I will update probably tonight after Great Great Aunt Betty's party. I'm sure we'll have some new pictures to post!

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