Friday, August 24, 2007


AGAIN: Please log in with your name if you are visiting this babysite. I would appreciate knowing who is reading our personal details and viewing our pictures. This babysite is password protected so that our family knows who exactly visits the babysite. The site also records your computer IP address in case there are any concerns. Thank you!

James finished out his first week of daycare with a good report from Sandra. She said that he is a "mellow" baby and he had a fabulous week. His bottles are much better, etc. Sandra reported that he initiated play with the other kids by crawling over to them today. He usually plays independently or sticks close to Sandra, or the older kids will seek him out. But today he must have felt really comfortable because he found the other kids on his own. I think he will be a social, friendly and outgoing kid!

James was at his cutest tonight. Jim and I are just in awe of how beautiful James is. We look at him and know that all parents must feel this way about their child, but there is no denying that James is very handsome with those big brown eyes and toothy grin :)

We do have plans with Tia Ana and Tio Rich tomorrow :) They are coming over in the late afternoon for a visit and dinner. I know James will be happy to see them. And then next week Grandma Rosie will be here for a day or so to help with James' daycare since Sandra will be on vacation. Yay for familia!

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