Thursday, August 2, 2007


We're continuing our CIO efforts and seeing progress! The afternoon nap, I thought, was a failure. James cried and fussed for 30 minutes (with me going into the room every 10 minutes to comfort him), but he wouldn't sleep. So I brought him downstairs to play. He was a perfectly happy baby but then 30 minutes later he looked/acted like he needed a nap. So we tried again. He fell asleep after crying for only 8 minutes or so! Progress!

At bedtime, I try to follow our routine but he's not willing to be rocked or even held in his room. I had given him a nighttime bottle at 6:30 (early) because he needed one, so he didn't really need another bottle but I was ready to give him one. He had a nice bath, squirmed a lot while I read one book, and then refused to be held. So I put him in the crib. He fell asleep before I could go check on him for the first time!! Nighttime has been the easiest.

So now this morning- same process. I laid him down for a nap after he refused to be rocked so he screamed/cried for five minutes. I checked on him and talked to him softly and then left. He fell asleep before I could check on him again. Yay! I think he's getting the hang of it. This was way better than yesterday's nap and CIO of 30 minutes.

In other news: the Minneapolis bridge collapse is horrible! I can't turn away from the news, fearing that I'll know someone who is missing or hurt. I'm so thankful that Jim made it home last night safely. He crossed that bridge probably 20 minutes before it went down. He was saying how lucky he was that he didn't check in a suitcase and get held up just 15-20 minutes longer at baggage claim. I can't imagine what other families are going through :(

On a happy note, Grandma Rosie is coming this weekend! And Tia Ana and Tio Rich are coming to visit! Yay for familia and love!

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