Monday, August 20, 2007

Back to the grind

Its Monday night and this will be a quick update. Its already 9pm and I should go to bed after a long, full day!

James did very well at daycare today. He is taking his naps normally, eating very well (today: waffles for breakfast, lasagna, french bread, and bananas for lunch), and accepting a bottle (somewhat). I was talking to Sandra at the end of the day and I think I figured out why he was resisting the bottle- she was using warm water to make the formula and James prefers his bottle on the cold side. Hopefully this will solve the problem of the bottle!

Sandra reported that James is getting to know the other kids and the house well enough that he's talking a lot, exploring and standing, and laughing often. Daycare seems like a happy, busy place. The other kids are really friendly to me when I pick up James. James is the first to arrive in the mornings so he does get some alone time with Sandra in the mornings.

We thought we ran into a big of a snag with the daycare situation when Sandra told me that she will be taking three days off next week for vacation. We did not know about this until today and I wondered how we would cover daycare. Well, I think between me taking a day or so off, Jim working from home, and Grandma Rosie passing through next week- we have it covered! I'm so glad.

Another big thing next week is that my best friend Christa and her husband Andy, and their boys Ryan and Jesse (3 yrs) are coming at the end of this week for a wedding and we'll get to spend Monday with them! Christa hasn't met James yet and I've only met her boys once more than a year ago, so we're anxious to get our kids together :) I can't wait!

Today was a very full day. Driving to drop off and pick up James from daycare wasn't hard at all. The day seemed very long without him though! I missed him today! During my meeting I was secretly watching videos of him on my ipod. I have lots of his pictures and then video clips saved on the ipod :) I can listen to his laugh whenever I want!

Have a great week,
Lisa, Jim, and James

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