Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Another day of work and daycare under our belt. Its not too terrible waking up before 6am (yuck). I'm able to get ready and packed up for the day before James wakes up at 6:30. At 6:30 I'll get him up, changed for the day, and then I bring him downstairs for his first bottle of the day. Soon after that we pack him up to leave for the day. I'm able to get him to his daycare at 7:15am and be at work by 7:40. Its pretty good timing. I'm a crazy person running around in the morning but it always turns out well. I need to chill out.

James handles my madness quite well. When I'm driving and I look back at him as I'm driving (through the rear facing mirror) he's smiley and such a good, happy morning baby. (Is he really my son?!?! :)

Sandra is continuing to report that James is adjusting well to daycare. The only challenge is bottles. James is taking small bottles but not the usual 7-8 ozs. I think she still hasn't got the formula temperature right.

At home James is quite the eater! He eats most of what we have for dinner- tonight it was chicken and some of the banana bread that I made last night. I still give him small amounts of pureed baby food for the vegetables or fruits. If I were brave, I'd hand him a spoon and a bowl of food to see what he'd do with it! But for now we cut food up into small pieces and he eats. He eats so well! He doesn't miss his mouth too often anymore so most of it ends up in his tummy :)

Oh, Sandra also said that James is an independent little boy. He seems to enjoy talking to himself and playing quietly during the day. I've noticed this at home more and more, that he's able to entertain himself for a couple of minutes at a time.

We heart James!
Lisa, Jim, and James

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