Friday, August 10, 2007

9 month wellness appointment

James is certainly doing very well! Its always nice to have the doctor confirm this :) It was a new clinic for us so we had to fill out some paperwork before our appointment. Jim filled out a developmental assessment (a sort of checklist of what James can and can't do) and the doctor later said that James has some 1 year old abilities- the babbling mainly. We checked yes on that one because he is frequently babbling to himself as he plays- the doctor even heard this in his office. (With the babbling at home, I swear yesterday James said the b-word twice to me. It was weird!)

And later in the appointment the doctor said that James did very well with the probing and check-up. Most babies would have cried at some point during the check-up but not James! He was curious and very patient.

James weighs a healthy 21 lbs 9 ozs, down from his appointment last month but no worries there. His height is still at 28 1/2 inches (same as last month). With his increased solids and decreased formula, there's bound to be some weight adjustment. The decreased formula is not a concern as long as he gets between 16-28 ozs, and he is getting that. The whole milk is held off until 1 year, unless we notice that he's rejecting his formula and then we can start him on part formula, part whole milk.

Our new doctor is Dr. Nelson. He is an older man, but he was really gentle and soft spoken. We could tell that he is good with kids. I guess I asked a lot of questions because he asked me if I was in the medical field. I said "No but I read a lot. I always like to confirm what I read with our doctor though." I know I can't ask too many questions when it comes to our child's health, but I hope I didn't put him off!

So James is a very healthy 9 month old!

Today's plans: My friends Anna and Cassidy are coming over after James' morning nap and we're going to hang out- maybe go to the park and then lunch. They're very excited to see James :) I think Anna is going to help me next week with some babysitting. On Monday I have a meeting with my director at 9:30. Unfortunately for Anna, the babysitting will most likely be during James' nap time so she won't get to play with him much. Poor Anna! And then on Wednesday, I have another meeting from 11-1. I'm hoping to work something out with our daycare.

Weekend plans: We don't have anything on our schedule for tonight. On Saturday we're going to Great Great Aunt Betty's 90th birthday party in St. Paul. Its at 1:00, so we're thinking we might just make an appearance since James' usual naptime is at 2:00. On Sunday we're getting Jim his new glasses and James will get his first haircut! His hair isn't really long but I think it could use a little trim around the ears and it could be shaped. Wish us luck on that one! I'm curious how he'll handle it.

Other news: My friends Katy and Brett have their beautiful daughter Esme Lavender Maria Fernanda Bakko! They are in Columbia, waiting out the adoption process. We hope they come back soon and James and Esme can be great friends :) She is a beautiful baby from the pictures that I've seen! I'm so happy for them!

Please see yesterday's journal entry for a new video clip.

LJJ (Lisa, Jim, & James)

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