Tuesday, August 14, 2007

End of summer storms

Whoa! We had a scary night. Two huge storms ripped through the twin cities, the first hitting us. Ana and Rich (my emergency meteorologists) called and confirmed that we should go down to our basement. I was hesitating because I think that I'm usually just paranoid and scared, and I didn't know if we should get James up from his crib, and risk waking him up. But we decided it was worth the risk.

James resisted being picked up, but I slung him over my shoulder and hoped he would stay sleeping. When we got downstairs to the basement he perked up and was quite happy and playful. He was a good baby and sat with us in the dark, safely by the stairway and away from the windows. At one point, he grew tired and laid himself down in my arms. When I tried to transfer him to a blanket on the floor, he popped back up and laughed. Silly baby!

The news was on in the background and we could hear that other cities were getting really, really strong winds and up to baseball sized hail. We also got some hail, but we don't know how big. Jim later found some leftover hail and it was the size of peas, so maybe they melted down?

Well, the worst passed us and we took James upstairs to his crib. He laid down easily and went right back to sleep. I was really worried that he wouldn't and we'd be up for another few hours. But he was a perfect baby!

I stayed up for a while, watching the news, because a second storm was on the way. It passed us by to the south, so we were safe and didn't have to go downstairs, though the rain and wind were ferocious. I was really scared that the windows would blow in but Jim slept through it! He didn't even want to watch the weather news. At one point the rain and wind was hitting the windows very hard and he did roll over and start watching the news. A couple of minutes later we realized that the storm was way to the south of us and we were fine.

Sorry about the long description but storms terrify me. I have Jim last night about my recent dreams about tornadoes and realizing I forgot James upstairs after we all ran to the basement. Nightmare!

We don't have any plans today, we will just hang out. The weather still looks overcast and icky. Its also one of the last days at home with James so maybe we'll just play all day :)

One last cute thing: When we put James down for bed, we talk softly to him and tell him to have sweet dreams. Jim has started to tell James to have sweet dreams about Baby Esme, his future girlfriend and friend. :)